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Bustling NGOs that serve differently-abled people

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Bustling NGOs that serve differently-abled people

In every country, the population of differently-abled is estimated at around 2%. Especially in India, nearly 2 crore people are suffering from physical and mental illness. In such a large populated country identifying the physical and mental handicaps and serving their needs is a challenging job. To reduce the burden of government and to serve those handicaps whose life has become a war. Some of the non-profit organizations were started especially for taking care of these people. 

They constantly oblique for human support to spend their day to day activities. To provide proper facilities, education and to enhance their cognitive skills many NGOs are working seamlessly. They are funded by corporate companies and work around the world for the welfare of handicapped people without expecting any returns. Below are some of the prominent foundations that are serving the needy by arranging all the facilities. 

Narayan Seva Sansthan

This NGO organization was started in Udaipur, Rajasthan which is serving the people for over 35 years. Their mission and vision are to help physically and mentally abled children and adults by providing them special education. This NGO supports the handicaps who are economically week. They arrange for free surgeries, wheelchairs and other ailments for assisting their needs.

They also provide medical treatments to cure mental illness. Funding for eye surgeries has been provided by them so blind people can able to get their vision. They provide medical camps, corrective surgeries, artificial limbs, crutches, callipers. Tricycles, hearing aids and blind sticks. They are providing free education to the blind and mental suffering. Since they need to be taken care specially, skilled tutors are hired to develop their cognitive potential. Narayan Seva is striving hard to bring equal status to them in society, so they can also lead a normal life like every human. 

Ritham special school for mentally challenged children

To develop confidence among the mentally abled children and to lead their life independently without others support Ritham special school was started. They encourage their learning skills and develop their potential by preparing a special syllabus that meets their capacity. Different learning methods are followed to help them learn easily. Every child is treated specially and individual assessment are provided. Many children were dropped out of school because of their mental illness. In the concern of those children, this school is working to serve every child who suffers from mental defects.

Diya Foundation  

Diya Foundation is a vocational training cum workshop centre. They engage in providing hands-on training, practical experiments and creative craft-making to differently-abled children. They also focus on bringing happiness to every child by celebrating their birthdays. These workshop and training are conducted free of cost which also covers the birthday celebration. They build opportunity for the children in rural areas and the underprivileged category. 

Blind welfare council

This blind welfare council is operating for more than 20 years in society. They provide education to blind people who are living in rural areas. Those who lack education because of visual defect are concentrated more. They are running a day care, residential and vocational training for the children who suffer from mental illness. Special training is given to them to lead a normal life and their social behaviour is enhanced. 

They also concentrate on extracurricular activities and different kind of sports which could be possible for those children. Their mission is to provide good quality of life to blind people so they can also live with dignity and respect in society. 

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