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Top 5 POPULAR NGO That Helps Needy People!

Popular NGOs

Top 5 POPULAR NGO That Helps Needy People!

In this presented era, there are certain numbers of NGO in every city and each one work with their own way on a particular mission such as helping people with clothes, food, education, health treatment and many more that every needy one can take from any of them.

Apart from this, NGO works in a team for bringing social and political changes at a large scale and encourage them to help needy people who can’t afford anything due to financial or health issues. Earn money that you can donate to support NGOs. กดที่นี่ and play simple and interactive betting games. Without any delay in time, let’s discuss some popular NGO,

Smile Foundations!

Formed in 2002, the smile foundation works on many missions ranging from healthcare, education, livelihood, women empowerment and many more where privileged children can help their underprivileged counterparts. This foundation gains a lot of popularity in the last few months because it helps in typical situations without taking a single penny from the helping people.

GiveIndia Foundation!

GiveIndia Foundation is a great or well-working NGO where every person works smoothly and has a great sense of humor that helps needy persons like distributing clothes, food, health treatments and many more. If you donate through GiveIndia then the team workers will tell you the exact details to send the money and get feedback too.

HelpAge India!

HelpAge India plays a critical role in influencing policy changes for the elderly governments and providing material and emotional support to the abandoned elderly. If you are one who under the poverty line then HelpAge India NGO fully helps on time to time and provide better quality items and resources.


Goonj has mobilized recyclable and re-usable items like books, grains, exports surpluses outfits and much more from urban to rural centers. With the increasing donations points across the globe, Goonj has been successfully channelizing more than 65000 kilograms of material every month. The Goonj NGO has a team of over 300 kind heart volunteers and partners with 250 other organizations.

We Do Not Accept Money Or Things!

We Do Not Accept Money Or Things is an amazing NGO that includes the great number of volunteers and everyone works in a team spirit that helps to every needy person in an appropriate manner. This NGO has mainly worked on health treatments and gives the money to the needy person so that it becomes easier for treatment in every hospital. Moreover, We Do Not Accept Money Or Things NGO volunteers talk with every person very patiently and provide every facility as much as they can.

Bottom Line!

The above-mentioned is the list of NGO organizations that are active in helping the people who are living in backward communities. If you are also facing any issue due to the financial problems and not be able to find any financial source then you can visit any of them. These organizations are always ready to serve every type of facility to the needy people and give proper satisfaction.

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