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Women Empowerment – The New Step Taken By The Blue Club

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Women Empowerment – The New Step Taken By The Blue Club

Chennai-based journalist Ms. Priyadarshini, who is also a documentary film-maker about human rights, started “The blue club” for marginalized women and queers for their welfare and well-being. She realized that women from marginalized communities are never taking part in uplifting themselves, and the dominance of the male gender always oppresses them. And if you are looking for alternative ways to make money, in case of emergencies, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via totalwrcสมัครแทงบอล.


Women are and have been often considered weak ones when it comes to gender equality. This is not something new in India; this has been happening since ages, and some women who are from some backward areas are still scared to be the one who raises the voice for the discrimination.


Due to gender-based discrimination, the women who come from marginalized societies have a lack of opportunities and resources. This is why Ms. Priyadarshini came up with the Chennai based NGO, The blue club. The Blue club is now holding a lot of better opportunities for the women to get their fair share of literacy and the resources they were lacking for themselves. There are free media workshops and educational programs held for them in the NGO. The women who belong to the oppressed communities are also provided a safe space if they were victim to any discrimination and crime, and there are also sensitization campaigns for them.


This initiative is a three-month-long media fellowship for the women who belong to the Dalit caste and are often oppressed. This initiative is also including the rights and betterment of queers. Queers are often the marginalized group that is given no proper rights even though they are also human but are not the same as male and female.


The foreign countries have given queers the rights they deserve, and even in India, Gay marriage was legalized on September 6, 2018. Even with the legal passing of section 377, people are still not giving them the respect they deserve for their survival in India. This is the reason a lot of men and women are afraid of coming out to their families or their peers. They are always made to feel like it is something wrong with them if they are attracted to the same gender or both the genders.


When they are afraid that the people will find out their reality, they often drop their studies out, and it makes them the part of the illiterate marginal society. The blue club is raising funds for the literacy of these marginalized women as well as the queers so that they get a safe space, and they can get their education properly.


The Blue Club has been trying to take the mic and give it to the voices that are always suppressed and are never given the opportunity to raise their voices for their rights. The oppressed often have limitless potential that can add up to the good change in the world. If marginalized people are given opportunities for their start-ups, they can emerge in the right way and make their living independently.


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