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Smile Foundation: An NGO Helping The Under Privileged 

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Smile Foundation: An NGO Helping The Under Privileged 

A Non-Governmental Organization is a group of people who are serving different sectors of society, without taking any help from the government. People or companies who are economically stable helps the people in the society through different types of NGOs.

NGOs do a lot of work in serving societies; they might be helping the widows, children, and underprivileged. One such NGO is Smile Foundation. Earn the money to donate in NGOs by playing simple and interactive betting games at


About Information of Smile foundation 


Established in 2002, Smile Foundation is an NGO based in the national capital of India, New Delhi. The NGO is currently working in more than 27 states of the country and has reached to help out around 400000 children and their families.


The NGO was developed to promote the value of education among the underprivileged across the different states of India. Their program includes education, health care, and livelihood for children and women.


Vision of Smile


Smile vision promotes sustainable change in the lives of all those children, youth, and women who are underprivileged and are unaware of the development.


Through philosophy of citizen-driven change, they enable civil society around the world to continuously engage in the change of process.


It has adopted the highest standards of governance to raise knowledge and technology-driven innovative international organization.




Education mission:- the foundation in its education mission provides basic and necessary education to the underprivileged children. The mission explains that education is the start and the best brick for a better life. They also explain that education is the only thing that will help you out to earn your livelihood.


Healthcare:- the health care program initiated by the smile foundation is better known as Smile on wheels. It is a nationwide healthcare program which provides curative and preventive healthcare services in the remote areas of different states of India. The program is helpful in remote areas, rural areas, and also urban slums; it also explains the importance of healthcare in schools. If you wish to keep your health in tip top shape, you can head over to Canada Pharmacy.


Livelihood:-  under their livelihood program, the foundation teaches basic skillful knowledge to students who are school pass outs and require some work to earn their bread. Through their Smile Twin e-learning program, they help the youth to enhance their prospects of employment.


Women empowerment:- Swabhiman is the program of smile foundation that focusses on girl child and women empowerment. The main punch in this program is its 4-s model that says:-

  • Seeking healthcare as a behavior
  • Support through education
  • Support from men
  • Sustaining change in the community

By following these 4-s, a woman can never be misused as a maid or work machine.


Child for child:- under the child for child program, the foundation is focusing over the future of the nation by inculcating feelings of empathy and conscience in them so that they grow up as a responsible individual of this fast growing society.


Disaster response:- India is a disaster-prone nation, and due to its vast and diversified land, they get to more than 4 to 5 disasters in a year. Moreover, smile foundation is highly helpful in getting rid of the after effects of disasters, which involves rehabilitating all those who lost their homes.



It is clear that NGOs like Smile Foundation are helping the government in building a better nation.


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