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Amnesty International- A Brief Legal Survey!

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Amnesty International- A Brief Legal Survey!

Amnesty International is a non-government organization that mainly focused on human rights. The NGO was formed in 1961, and its headquarter is in the United Kingdom. It’s been more than 59 years that amnesty international is fighting for human rights and has made some remarkable change in the world. There are thousands of people, and more than 20 countries are linked with this NGO. There is so much to learn about this NGO; let’s starts with the necessary details.

This organization’s main motives to make the world a better place where people can live happily enjoy human rights. Many countries have strict laws against human rights; such things lead to many riots and discrimination. The NGO is working for the rights of making so they can live peacefully on this planet. Amnesty has made several branches worldwide that are working actively to encourage people for their fundamental rights. If you want to support a certain cause, you might want to consider playing some fun and exciting บาคาร่า online.

Many people get jailed and tortured for nothing around the world. Many of them are imprisoned just because of raising their voice against the government, and such people do not have the right to fight for themselves. Amnesty is doing their best to save such innocent people who are in prison for doing nothing. Different people and communities have various statements about this NGO; listed below are basic details regarding this NGO.

The creation of amnesty international!

  • Fighting for human rights is not an easy task; each country has different rules and regulations, and people hesitate to speak for their rights. Thanks to amnesty that always stood up for the rights of mankind and saving lives worldwide. The formation of the NGO was begun in July 1061, in London, as a movement. The movement was led by Peter Benenson, a native of the United Kingdom; the students inspired him in jail for creating political issues.
  • The students were innocent and were abused throughout their life. Peter Benenson was touched by their story and starts a movement and named it as amnesty. From then since now, amnesty has made a remarkable place in the world of NGOs. Amnesty International is among the top and desired NGOs of the world, and more than millions of people are supporting this NGO for their kindles efforts.

Amnesty International fights for human rights!

  • The NGO mainly targets the government and private bodies for creating a mess in the world. Amnesty is working on different key areas such as women’s, children’s, and minority’s rights. They are actively working on removing the torture faced by innocent and poor people.
  • Amnesty International is also working for the rights of refugees, prisoners of conscience, and for the protection of human dignity. Moreover, it ensures that prisoners get a fair trial and get justice if they are innocent—some other areas where NGO work is to promote child education and social and cultural rights.

Lastly, we would say amnesty is doing the best work, and we all must support amnesty for their remarkable efforts.



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