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Pursuance of international NGOs to promote wellbeing 

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Pursuance of international NGOs to promote wellbeing 

This article explains you about some of the biggest non-profit organizations that are working globally for different causes. These NGOs especially work for poor people and countries that are in the developing phase. Many NGOs are operating worldwide that are funded by gigantic companies. And as a distraction you could play tennis using the best set of rackets from Corporate companies are the major fund providers for these associations as they work in collaboration with the government of respective countries to fulfil the needs of poor people. These NGOs try to cover most of the social problems and economic crisis faced by the people commonly. Below is the list of some top international NGO organizations that are operating successfully for decades. 

Mercy corps

Mercy Corps is one of the biggest NGO foundation working in around 40 countries in the world. Their main goal is to alleviate poverty and help the suffering people. Especially during this covid, they had supported in overcoming the economic crisis. They supporting the next generation by shaping their future through seamless financial services. During the pandemic times, they gave helped nearly 29 million people who are in major need of resources.

Give Directly

This non-profit organization is very unique from the rest of the NGOs that are operating globally. They provide direct cash resources to the people who are in the frontline of poverty. Some basic incomes are provided to help them recover from poverty. This largest organization was started in 2009 and has given almost $300 million cash to the families directly. Their main mission is to provide universal income for the rural areas and slum peoples. To raise funds if you are thinking of donating, you could some fun sports betting matches via Football Trials.

Green peace

This is one of the ubiquitous organization you might have heard it many times. They have taken risky measures in protecting the natural resources and conservation of trees all over the world. They had initiatively taken risky measures by handling forest fires, hurricanes, heatwaves all over the world and melting icebergs in Australia. 


This non-profit organization strives for the women empowerment and education of girl child. Innovatively they are supporting every woman by delivering free sanitary pads to them. They are also aiding awareness about menstrual hygiene by breaking the period taboo. They mainly concentrate on safety and a healthy lifestyle for adolescent girls. They also started a magazine named Nia Teen especially for educating adolescent girls in Africa.


BRAC is one of the biggest NGOs that operate for the social development of people living in the poverty line. They help those people to realise their potential and educate them to overcome poverty. They also combat gender quality, spread universal healthcare, education and help for climate changes. 


This wild4life organization mainly concentrate on the healthcare system around rural areas. They believe healthcare is a human right, it is a necessary thing and should be easily accessible for all. Normally health-related amenities, buildings will be well infrastructure in the cities. So they concentrate on providing consistent support for people in remote and rural areas. 

They combat HIV, malaria and TB. They also play a huge role in promoting the maternal health of women, reproductive and child health altogether. 

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