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UNESCO: A Helping Hand With Different NGOs

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UNESCO: A Helping Hand With Different NGOs

UNESCO has proven to be the best hand over different NGOs that are working in the interest of different sections of the society. Non Governmental Organizations are working in different fields to serve the society. Working for all the underprivileged children, women, and youth who are suffering from different problems, NGO are busy in the sustainable development of the nation.




The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization is an agency of the United Nations, promoting world peace and promoting international cooperation in education and culture. It was founded on 16th November 1945, having its headquarters in Paris.

UNESCO has excellent cooperation with different NGOs in the world. It is enjoying partnership with around 329 NGOs and 33 foundations and similar institutions. Since it was found,

UNESCO has sought collaborations with different national and international organizations activities and programs. The valuable network of cooperation between NGO and UNESCO has led to development in education, science, and culture.


NGO alliance with UNESCO 


Combining the expertise of the UNESCO with NGO provides the organization for:-

  • It helps in creating a strategic alliance for different sectors of society.
  • It also helps in enhancing and raising the effectiveness of the plan
  • It helps in maintaining the presence of regional, global, and country level approach.
  • It also helps in monitoring the task force of different organizations so that no misuse of power can happen.
  • Enhance the reach of the organization that can make it possible to reach all segments of the society.


Benefits of NGO cooperations 


There are a number of reasons that pushes everyone to cooperate with NGOs for their personal as well as society’s interest:-

  • Social benefits: NGOs are best in helping the different sections of the society; NGO does the work for underprivileged people and makes them stable in front of the real world. Cooperating with NGOs is a better option so as to be a helping hand to the society where you can not reach on an individual basis. Joining an NGO and providing your service in their work can help a nation growth.
  • Sustainable development: Sustainable development can be done via cooperating with different NGOs, which means that they can help the inequitable development of every underprivileged citizen. Sustainable development means moving up with effective use of each and every material they get.
  • Growing part of industries: NGO cooperating with different types of industries can help out in the world economy. Cooperating with different kinds of NGOs can help in the marketing strategies of different companies and also helps the national and international economy to grow.
  • Disaster management: many areas in the world are prone to disasters, disasters are in the hands of almighty, but when we cooperate and collaborate with different NGOs who are working in relief work, we are also giving our best for the mankind.


As a final verdict, we can say that apart from cooperation in the educational field with UNESCO, many other cooperation NGOs can help in the development of the economy of the nation.


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