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How this cooperation NGO bustling for social activities? 

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Cooperation NGO

How this cooperation NGO bustling for social activities? 

Even though the world economy is racing in this busy world with the support of modern technology. Another part of the world is still lacking in their basic needs and struggling to live their day to day life peacefully. Poor economic constitution, lack of education, financial crisis, poverty and natural disaster are the major reasons for their sufferings. Many people in rural areas, remote areas and urban slums are leading their life without proper food and shelter. To help those needy and to create educational awareness among those people many foundations were initiated. They work voluntarily to encourage the importance of education and healthcare among them. 

The cooperation council NGO was started with a motive to support the people independently. It was first started in Bihar India in the year 2004, they are concentrating in distinct fields and providing constant support for more than a decade. This non-governmental organization is not managed by any person or government. If you want to support any cause, playing massholemommyคาสิโนออนไลน์ online could help you out with the funds. 

Sustainable fund for public welfare

Corporate companies are the main sponsors for this NGO organization. Since they cannot communicate directly with the people NGOs work as a medium to support both sides. As per the government norms, it is mandatory for corporate companies must spend one part of their profit on social welfare activities. Through this regulation status of the backward people will improve highly. When the government is in financial crisis funding such companies help people in rural areas to benefit. Corporates are spending major fund resources to encourage a lot of social activities in many places of India. These type of NGOs mainly concentrate on people living in urban slums, remote locations and rural areas.

Many villages have improved by the support of such welfare associations that are now equipped with schools, hospitals and mobility.

 Some of the welfare activities undergone by the cooperation NGO are

  1. Children education 
  2. Women empowerment
  3. Health care support
  4. Conservation and protection of public resources
  5. Conservation of natural resources
  6. Green environment
  7. Clean India movement
  8. Pollution control
  9. Rural development
  10. Development of urban slums
  11. Human rights
  12. Poverty alleviation
  13. Housing and shelter to orphans
  14. Legal awareness 
  15. HIV/AIDS
  16. Prisoners issues 
  17. Disaster relief funds and much more

They are successfully helping the people by their innovative steps and social awareness. The literacy rate has up surged especially girl child education is welcomed among people. Through their health care awareness, every citizen is now going to hospitals and aiding proper treatments rendered by their government. People are now willing to learn technology and its benefits since it supports their day to day life. 

Women empowerment is also highly insisted among the people. Health care awareness for pregnant women and new moms with some nutritional support is provided. Free sanitary pads are issued in many public localities. To encourage women employment no-interest loans are offered to start their own business and lead their life independently. Government laws that are favourable for women are also notified so they can make use of them during their needs. Likewise, in every sector cooperation council supports highly to aid the poor people. 

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