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Ten Most Innovative and modernist NGOS in the world

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Ten Most Innovative and modernist NGOS in the world

Our modern generation thrives for innovation and modern techniques; we will discuss some of the NGOs that work on the innovative system. Modern and effective techniques are now crucial to run the NGO as there are very limited resources to work with, and there are many challenges in the world. So we have to think ways which are different and allow us to use resources efficiently and effectively. These organizations do not have any governmental agency behind, so limited funds are provided to the group, and there are many people dependant on these organizations.

Some of the groups are following have taken some ways, which have resulted in the effective use of limited resources. There are many NGOs that face the problem of limited resources and funding; they should be inspired by these organizations and should come up with an innovative step to curb the problem.

As you come with an excellent way to curb the problem, you will be able to complete the project easily without spending extra resources. Once the projects are complete, many people would be attracted to the donations. Earn money that you can donate to NGOs. Play simple and interactive betting games at Betend. Here are some of the NGOs which have gone towards the innovative way to curb the problems: –

  • Give directly: – This organization works on a peculiar concept of giving the funds directly. There are no organizations that direct the fund towards the family’s hands; with this way we get rid of middlemen reducing the charges. The group has been praised all over the world; now, donors can believe that his or her money is going to the place where they intended. Steps to donate are very simple; at first you have to log in to the website and then make a donation to poor households of Kenya and Uganda.


  • Wild4Life: – Wild4Life organization’s prime aim is to serve people in rural areas or people living in remote areas who have no access to basic health related services. This organization has made a great delivery model that optimizes the services and allows us to reach more people. Now, this model is partnering with the organizations and business which are working those near remote areas. It has been active in twelve countries in regions like sub-Saharan and Africa, delivering low-cost health services.


  • ZanaLife: – This organization is based in Kenya; it works on two aims, which are girl’s education and healthcare. Organization is tackling two most significant problems in the world, and they have come up with a great solution. ZanaLife has been making affordable sanitary pads, which are combined with a fun interactive comic book about health. By this method, the organization managed to win back 75% of learning days, and now girls can stay in the school as well.


There are many NGOs working for the welfare of the people but most NGOs face a problem of limited resources. We have mentioned some organizations that have taken some innovative way to use the resources fully and efficiently.   


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