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How Some Ngos Help Humanity In This Corona Pandemic?

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How Some Ngos Help Humanity In This Corona Pandemic?

The Corona pandemic has affected humanity more than ever. The government, as well as the economy of the country, is facing some issues. Many NGOs have come forward to help humankind to deal with such a situation. The corona disease is perilous, and some developing countries like India and Brazil face more issues than other countries. Some NGOs are actively working in such countries to help the needy.

People in such countries are dying from hunger more than the disease. About millions of people have lost their jobs, and some of them have committed suicide due to depression. The corona pandemic has raised so many problems in these nations. The government has failed to provide help to everyone. Thanks to some NGOs who are actively working for people in need. Most NGOs are encouraging people to survive in this pandemic by wearing masks and plants more and more trees.

Some NGOs, on the other side, are supporting children and women for their rights. They provide children with books, food, and accessories like masks and sanitizers, so they can stay healthy and garb knowledge. Domestic violence cases have also risen during the pandemic time, and some NGOs are supporting women, which are affected by this. Let’s see some more kinds of work done by NGOs.

NGOs across the world do some appreciable work!

  • Women NGO came together to make 30,000 masks!

In some parts of India, women farmers came together and made more than 30 thousand masks for the needy. They made all these masks in the just week; such masks are supplied to soldiers, doctors, people living in slums, and some social workers. The government has also praised the efforts of women farmers NGO for their kind efforts. The Corona pandemic has made people more helpful and kind towards others, and such things are proof of it.

  • A Chandigarh-based NGO has set up a mobile library for students!

Schools and colleges are temporarily shutdowns, which have made a significant impact on students’ education. An NGO in Chandigarh city has started a mobile library that collects books from various places and distributes them among students who need them. The financial crisis has arisen, and some parents now unable to pay children’s fees. The idea of spreading books among children can save some student’s educations. Schools might not open this year, but their education can go smoothly with such efforts.

  • NGOs ensure that no one remains hungry.

Many religious NGOs are preparing hygienic food to starve people; they provide meals day and night since the first lockdown has begun. Many holy places like Temples, Gurudwaras, and Churches make food items for the needy and give such meals at their doorsteps. People have developed more faith in humanity now through such things.

Many NGOs have been established during the corona pandemic, and each of them is doing various works so that people can survive in this worse situation. If we found any NGO working for humanity, we must support them rather than disobeying them.


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