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Top Helping Hands To The World: International NGOs

NGO International

Top Helping Hands To The World: International NGOs

International NGOs are a different organization that works for the betterment of each section of the society. In an international organization, many people are engaged in different states, nations, and zones. When you connect to an NGO, you are giving your best to someone- somewhere waiting for your help to create a better future. To help support causes that you are passionate with, you might want to look into playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via fedoraunityแทงบอล.


Some of the top international NGOs and their workings

  • Amnesty international- being founded in 1961 in London, amnesty international was initially established to create an appeal in Great Britain to seek pardon for the convicted in political cases in the prisons. Today it is a worldwide organization that speaks for the justice of the people who Are suffering the problem in getting full human rights. Human rights are something that a person demands at its best and is the primary right of an individual. Whenever the organization notices a violation of human rights in any part of the world, they raise their voice against them.
  • Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative- it is an international organization that seeks the p[roper implementation of the Harare declaration. It deals in the implementation of proper human rights in the commonwealth nations. The organization works in the field of elaborating on the contribution made by democracy and human rights in the field of commonwealth games.
  • CARE International- this NGO works in uplifting the values of women in the society and also works in the field of fighting poverty in a better way. The organization strongly believes that women are the powerhouse of the full family, and when a woman is educated, she can make the whole family educated by her own. The NGO works in the field of providing self-help and economic chances to the women to help them grow and influence others around them.
  • OXFAM- the whole world is based on its trade links, and having a trade-based NGO is of utmost importance at the international level; by this, we are near to the working of OXFAM. The organization works in providing trade rights all over the world; they watch through the free trade working across the globe; this can help in the unbiased way of trading all over the world. The organization also works in the various healthcare sector so that they can provide the best awareness about the health of the people.
  • Green peace international- Green peace international organization has been in the news for all the mishappening and contradiction they had between the Indian Prime minister Modi and NGO. Green peace organization, as it names justifies, is a quite nature-friendly organization that works in the field of protecting the mother earth from harmful and illegal activities. The organization raises its voice against the unnecessary mining and unlawful way of harming nature. The organization has its coordinating body in Amsterdam and also has over 40 offices in 40 countries.


By this, a person is clear that they have their back with different types of organizations working in their interest on an international level.


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