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Some Familiar International Ngos We Should Know About

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Some Familiar International Ngos We Should Know About

International NGOs or the international non-governmental organizations are the organizations that work as a simple NGO but on a global scope. These organizations are often confused with inter-governmental organizations like the United Nations or the International Labor Organizations and many more. In contrast, International NGOs work internationally mostly for social works, but they do not have an inter-governmental agreement. Many international NGOs are operating worldwide, like Oxfam, Care International, Lutheran World Relief, and many more. International NGOs increased as World War 2 ended.

Some organizations also register themselves with organizations like the United Nations to work flexibly in the international scope; more than 4000 international NGOs have registered with the united nations. The concept of international non-governmental organizations was first coined in 1910 by the Union of International Associations. In this meeting, it was suggested that organizations should be given a status of organizations with diplomatic intension without any governmental intervention. To support the causes you care for, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive เว็บแทงบอล online.

Here we are going to discuss some of the critical International Non-Governmental Organizations which should be highly recognized for their work towards society: –

  • Amnesty International: – This organization is one of the oldest organizations which is still operating. It is known for its humanitarian task for society; they work worldwide to make this world a better place. The members of the organizations have reached up to 3000,000, and it is increasing. The prime aim of the organization is to protect prisoners of conscience; this means to protect the right of the people who are sent to prison for standing up for peace.


  • Commonwealth Human Rights: It is one of the oldest organizations that do not have any governmental parties’ involvement. This organization was made to protect the human rights. Formerly it was made to support the Harare Declaration in the countries with Commonwealth of Nations. Harare’s policy was created to strengthen the Commonwealth’s contribution to democracy.


  • Care International: – one of the largest international organizations is CARE international; this is a large group dedicated to doing humanitarian tasks all around the world, especially for women and kids. The prime aim of the organization is to empower the women and make them strength for self-help. It has provided many economic opportunities to communities all around the world to make themselves dependent.


  • Greenpeace International: This organization has been in the news for a long time as few countries have canceled the company’s registration. It is known for working on environmental issues; it works in forty countries with headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Conclusive Words

There are many NGOs in the world that are always working to make the world a better place. International NGOs are working for people worldwide; we have mentioned some of the oldest international NGOs worth knowing about. The organizations we have mentioned works for a specific cause or general for social welfare. You should also give your contribution in welfare of society this will provides the feeling of self-satisfaction. That ultimately leads to a happy life.


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