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Greenpeace International- Things You Should Know About This!

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Greenpeace International- Things You Should Know About This!

Greenpeace International is an established NGO in 1971 in Canada (British Columbia) and is the most valuable and successful environmental organization today. The NGO has been antagonistic in many campaigns, specifically in marine protection efforts, and stops nuclear testing. Greenpeace has been dynamic in eagerly challenging the act of base fishing, genetic engineering, global warming, deforestation, and atomic force.

The headquarters of this NGO is located in Amsterdam and some other regional centers in 41 different countries worldwide. The earth’s environment is facing many issues like global warming, climate change, pollution, and much more, all such problems are interrelated, and it has become our duty to save the environment as much as possible. Greenpeace is a non-profitable organization which is working for the betterment of the environment for more than 5o years.

There is no hesitancy that this NGO is working instrumentally in solving the environment-related crisis. Greenpeace has the motive, and as they always say, “Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice, it needs solutions. Greenpeace has done remarkable work since 1971, and some of their praisable work is listed below.

Green peace does its best!

  • The NGO is much active and focuses on distinct aspects of the environment. Greenpeace has given various solutions to people such as the energy revolution; they motivate people to use renewable energy, which uses the exciting technology that is affordable and easy to maintain. Earth is facing immense carbon dioxide emissions, which has raised the issue of climate change. People are blaming pollution and other factors for climate change.
  • Greenpeace has made a motive to encourage people to use renewable energy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by the end of 2050. Such an initiative will make a significant change in the world and make the earth a better place to live. Moreover, Greenpeace ensures that if developing and populated nations like India, China, and Brazil use renewable energy, they can attain more growth in making the environment safe and healthy for living.
  • Greenpeace is also targeting sectors like electrical industries as they are producing massive wastes that are thrown in rivers and oceans, thus making them more contaminating. Electrical industries are blamed for producing chemicals that affect the marine lives and people living near seas and rivers.

Some unheard facts about Greenpeace!

  • Greenpeace has targeted renowned manufacturing companies in developing countries such as mobile phones, computers, and other electronic products. They are pointing out these industries as they are not following the guidelines for promoting the environment. Many research types have proven that chemicals released from factories affecting plant lives and electronic parts are not disposed of properly and didn’t degrade in the earth’s crust. Such a thing can pose significant health risks on mankind; Greenpeace is actively approaching those sites and try to protect the lives of all living things on this planet.

Final wordings!

Greenpeace work is indescribable; they are making their kind efforts to make the environment safe for humans. Remember, preserving the earth is no easy task, and Greenpeace has made such a thing possible.








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