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Contemporary role of NGO foundation towards poverty

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Contemporary role of NGO foundation towards poverty

In India majority of the population are living under the lower-middle class and lower class category. The majority of the people fall into the poverty line since their daily wages are around Rs.100-700 per day. To lead a proper life this amount will not be sufficient for a family. Especially for single earning family managing, all the expenses will not be possible. So they are insisted to stop their children education to earn food. Some of the basic needs are lacking and their day to day life had become a struggle. These financial problems are faced highly by the people living in urban slums and rural areas. Earn the money and help out with NGOs by playing simple and interactive betting games atเข้าสู่ระบบ/.

The foundation of the non-profitable organization is helping the people who are under the poverty line. NGO foundation is running successfully to help the people for over years. They have organized many welfare programs, awareness events, health drives, educational sessions and free donations are done by them. Their mission is to overcome poverty and illiteracy through their consistent awareness and support. There are many such NGOs are working on social services that are operated independently without government support. Usually, they are funded by the leading industrialists and companies. 

NGOs utilize this funding for their welfare services to the people. Some of the basic needs and amenities are arranged by them so that every single person in India should not die because of starvation. Their main mission is to provide proper facilities to the people that should reach every single person.

Employment & labour support

Due to lack of education, poor people are unaware of the minimum wages for their work. This is the major reason that majority of the population is living under the poverty line. Though the labour welfare laws are strictly followed by industries and companies many of the small scale business sectors still hire labourers at low wages. To create awareness about the government regulations NGOs are striving hard. Through conducting public events, awareness programs people can able to know about the beneficiaries provided by the government. This will help them to get back their proper wages for their work. And maybe reward them with skates from

Protection and homage

For the orphans and elder’s food, shelter and clothes are provided. In the healthcare services, many villages are suffering without hospitals as they have to travel more distance to aid emergency treatments too. For those areas, free hospitals and medical treatments are provided in good quality. 

Relief fund 

NGO organization also provide funds to support the government when they are in high need. During any financial crisis and natural disasters, the damage caused will be enormous. To help the people who lost their homes, agriculture cultivations. Basic needs are arranged along with some free money donations to rectify their damages. 

Healthcare & treatment

Awareness about the diseases and medical camps are organized to encourage people availing proper medication. Importance of nutrition intake, healthy food diet, personal hygiene and first aid measures are guided by them. Especially during any disease spread, they have taken an immense measure in safeguarding the people by arranging free medicines and medical check-ups in their locality. They are also focusing on other areas to help the people seamlessly for their prosperity and welfare. 

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